Open Opera is a free association of artists and performers, whose objective is to produce classical chamber opera works. In bricks-and-mortar theatres, opera works are staged using a conventional canonical approach. It is our ambition to present opera in a playful form of action theatre. We desire to break the boundary between the noble world of opera and the independent theatre scene. At the same time, we do not wish to renounce high quality of the music and vocal performance. Open Opera collaborates with prominent soloists as well as permanent guests of the Opera Department of the Slovak National Theatre.

Produced by
Gioacchino A. Rossini
Gaudenzio Ján Ďurčo
Sofia Jana Bernáthová
Bruschino, father Roman Krško
Bruschino, son Marek Tokoš
Florville Amir Khan
Police officer Juraj Peter
Filiberto Marek Pobuda
Marianna Alena Kropáčková

Premiere on 2 December 2017 at 7pm in the Historical building of the Slovak National Theatre

Produced by Asociácia CORPUS I Slovak National Theatre partner

The public production of the opera Produced by was supported by the Art Support Fund and the Bratislava Self-governing Region.

Tickets for productions of the Slovak National Theatre can be purchased in person in the box offices of the Slovak National Theatre during open hours, as well as via the reservation and sales portal of the Ministry of Culture at

The one-act opera Il Signor Bruschino is a masterpiece with an intricate comic plot that unravels in a way typical for the opera genre. The son is not a real son, but only an infatuated suitor of Miss Sofia. The real son is freezing in the cellar of innkeeper Filiberto because of an unsettled bill. Old Bruschino feels hot while the others do not. Maidservant Marianna has a crush on old bachelor Gaudenzio who, however, can evidently resist her charm. But Gaudenzio’s real problem is to find out which son of the Bruschino family is standing in front of him at any moment. All of this is attempted to be solved with all seriousness – or, at least, “to be dealt with” – by the police commissioner, representative of the law and of public (dis)order. These are the simple tales of the famous Pesaro cook and gourmet who was blessed with a musical talent.

Libreto Giuseppe Maria Foppa

A one-act comic opera presented in Italian with Slovak and German subtitles

Libreto Giuseppe Maria Foppa

Music arrangement Marián Lejava

Conductor Marián Lejava

Directed by Martin Bendik

Stage and Costumes designer Miroslav a Jaroslav Daubravovci

Répétiteur Milada Synková

Produced by Nora Nosterská

Performed by the Orchestra of the Open Opera in Bratislava





Fotografie zo skúšky

Foto Kristína Karásková